Slope From Two Points Calculator

There are several ways to find the equation of a line given different information. One of the classic problems in high school math is finding the slope of a line using only 2 points. The most commonly used way to express the equation of a line is the following: $$ y = mx + b $$ Where \(m\) is the slope and \(b\) is the \(y\) intercept. Using two points \((x_1, y_1)\) and \((x_2, y_2)\) it is possible to find the slope (and later the full equation of the line). You can find the line with the following formula: $$ m = \frac{\Delta y}{\Delta x} = \frac{y_2 - y_1}{x_2 - x_1} $$ The \(\Delta\) symbol is delta, and it means the difference between two numbers. So \(\Delta y = y_2 - y_1\).
It is important to practice these problems on your own, but for now you can use this calculator for help.

The slope of the function (line) with the points and is The equation of the line is:

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