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R Score (also called Cote R in French) is a statistical score that college (CEGEP) students in Quebec are given as a measurement of academic achievement. It is used by universities in Quebec to classify candidate students. It is calculated using the following formula: $$ RScore = (Z\hspace{0.25cm}Score + ISG + 5) \times 5 $$ If you do not know what Z Score is, you can learn about it at our Z Score Calculator. Z Score is the most important part of the equation. \(ISG\) refers to the group strength. This is used to give students a bonus who have harder competition, and to lower the scores of students who have easier competition. It is the most complicated part of the calculation. It is calculated in the following way: $$ ISG = \frac{AHS - 75}{14} $$ \(AHS\) is the average of high school averages of your classmates. It is not possible to know exaclty what it is, but we usually can get between 70 and 75. If you are in a strong school or in a science degree, perhaps put 80-85 for more accureate results.
Note: There results are only estimates, but they are most likely extremely close to your actual R Score.

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