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Percentage is one of the most important concepts in math, because it is used in everyday life and in all aspects of life. Percentage means "per every one hundred" and is used to normalize all kinds of ratios.
For example: If you get 75 out of 100 correct answers on a test, we can say that you scored 75 percent, or 75%.
That example is easy, because the denominator of the fraction is already 100. However, sometimes it is something other than 100, and percentage is still .
For example: We may want to express the fraction \( \frac{15}{30} \) as a percentage. In order to do so, we can use this formula: $$ \frac{A}{B} \times 100 $$ In this example, we would see that \( 15 \times 100 = 1500 \) and \( \frac{1500}{30} = 50 \) and therefore the answer is \(50\%\).


of is .


out of is .


The from to is .

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