Derivative Calculator

This is our derivative calculator. You can use our tool below to differentiate any continuous function. To use this, simply enter your function and tell us what variable to differentiate on. Please use the following syntax to ensure that we can properly parse your function.

For exponents, please use the ^ symbol. For example: x^2 is x to the second power, and will be read as \(x^2\).
For trigonometric functions please use sin(x) or cos(x). For example: cos(2x + 3) will be read as \(cos(2x + 3)\).
For square roots, please use sqrt(x). For example: sqrt(y^3) will be read as \(\sqrt{y^3}\).

If you'd like to solve an an antiderivative or integral, please use our integral calculator. We have entered an example function below. Thanks for using our derivative tool, we hope it helps!

The derivative of is:

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